You have all the Knowhow you need

You have all the Knowhow you need

You know the solution is out there! Hidden in some folders or in the heads of employees!

Your organization is rich! You already have all the data and expertise needed. In fact, you are drowning in it. You have all the knowhow you need. But not available where and when you need it. It is complex. We know!

  • What good is all your knowledge, data and expertise if you can’t find/access/use it efficiently?
  • How can you make knowledge available when and where it is needed?
  • How can you bring it together to solve complex operational challenges? – even across locations and silos and time?

You need Artificial Intelligence and a system to streamline your internal knowhow!

Johari is a catalyst for operational knowhow exchange (considering systems, databases as well as brains). Yet simple answers do not solve most complex issues. Therefore, Johari builds a Knowhow Network and further streamlines your knowhow in a dedicated workflow to solve complex operational challenges more efficiently.