Problem Solving Workflow in Engineering

Problem Solving Workflow in Engineering

In decentralized organizations, know-how is usually widely dispersed across locations, systems and silos. The difficulties of know-how utilization is known to cause significant productivity losses.

With Johari’s Knowhow Channel, internal knowhow is directly at hand when new challenges arise in day-to-day business. Be it the necessary documented information or internal expertise from colleagues.

Depending on the use case, any solution workflow can be configured. The following is an engineering example in the automotive sector. In this process, key experts are of decisive importance. Technical challenges from day-to-day business are complex and require targeted know-how.

Problem Solving Workflow

As soon as employees have questions or problems in their daily business, Johari assigns the right internal documented information, such as lessons learned, guidelines and project reports across internal systems and databases to these often complex challenges.

For issues with increased technical complexity, the right Key Expert is also automatically recommended to whom the issue can be directly assigned. The Key Expert takes responsibility for the topic and defines the further procedure of the problem-solving process.

If additional expertise is required, the Key Expert makes use of Johari’s Expert AI to invite other recommended internal experts to an asynchronous digital expert round. There, a goal-oriented solution finding process takes place. The results are automatically saved and prioritized in reports.

Additional expert rounds can be started at any time to build upon the results. Through intelligent assignment, the resulting documented results not only offer quick help for future challenges. Potential future problems can also be proactively prevented. This is because Johari knows what is relevant to which employee and regularly recommends newly gained internal insights to them across locations, languages and silos.

If you are interested in specific insights into the problem solving in engineering workflow, or a conversation about other use cases, feel free to book an appointment here.