Operational Knowhow Workflow

Operational Knowhow Workflow

Have you ever heard about an Operational Knowhow Workflow (OKW)?

What is an OKW?

An OKW is a business management workflow to streamline your employees’ knowledge. We drive this topic.

Firstly, an OKW detects employee impulses in daily business, such as challenges and problems. Secondly, it automatically connects these with suitable historical lessons learned as well as the right internal subject matter experts across silos and locations.

What is the business value of Operational Knowhow Workflows?

OKW streamlines challenges and problems and drives them efficiently to solutions. Thus, you find better solutions three times faster. Make your teams more productive, responsive and engaged.

Could this also be interesting for you and your team?

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We at Johari have made it our mission to make the most out of a companies internal knowhow. But currently the status quo in organizations is very unfavorable. Sophisticated Knowhow and Expert Networks are barely existent. However with Joharis knowhow workflow we challenge this global status quo step by step with our happy customers. Find and get access to our Use Cases here or read into our company or the challenges we are tackling here.