Lessons Learned Software

Lessons Learned Software

Johari’s Lessons Learned Software is an innovative software solution. It uses its algorithms to tap into an organizations human intelligence and to connect its Lessons Learned. Johari intelligently documents, analyzes and networks these past activities and reports. Also the Lessons Learned Software matches them to newly upcoming topics whenever you need them.

This means, when a problem arises in daily business, the software of Johari directly understands this. It has an intelligently connected database of aggregated knowhow within the company. The software knows that colleagues of other departments areas or silos have worked on a similar topic in the past. This connecting of upcoming employee impulses and historical Lessons Learned or Legacy Data allows to safe up redundant efforts. Without such a solution, employees of organizations spend their working time on searching for context instead of solutions. Operative Knowhow Workflows become more efficient.

Lastly, challenges that you solve within the Johari Lessons Learned Workflow, Johari automatically documents. Every time an employee impulse, like an issue or feedback is collected, johari offers a workflow to solve this efficiently. These solution then serve as Lessons Learned again in the future.

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