Know your Knowhow Weak Spots

Know your Knowhow Weak Spots

Understanding your Knowhow Weak Spots and acting upon them can have a tremendous effect on your productivity. This will allow employees to maintain operational focus rather than be distracted by redundant struggles. You can now specifically train/consult/hire personnel or invest in needed resources to quickly solve exactly those painstaking and costly issues in the daily business of your employees that repeatedly cause struggles. But recognizing Knowhow Weak Spots is a luxury. Most can only dream of this.

Know your Knowhow Strength

First, you need to know your Knowhow strength. Yet this is the main challenge in organizations. Employees waste hours finding relevant information to their cause. Silos are not overcome. Existing expertise is not accesses, especially when in urgent need. A dynamic and mapped out network of internal Lessons Learned and Experts is crucial. This helps to solve complex operation challenges in daily business with ease across locations silos and time. Only when having made optimal use of internal Knowhow one can start looking for Weak Spots.

The main issue in organizations is not: not having the internal knowhow, but not having the internal knowhow available when needed!

Johari’s solution is specialized on this. You gain a Knowhow Network of internal Lessons Learned, Legacy Data and Experts. Johari’s Knowhow Channel and Workflow is the go-to advantage for operational challenges.

Incidentally you will receive an automatic Weak Spot analysis on your most pressing Knowhow deficiencies. This allows you to take immediate actions. And this starts already in your Johari pilot projects. To see what can be expected in a Johari Pilot see the next article.