Johari’s Impact on Operational Problem Solving Processes

Johari’s Impact on Operational Problem Solving Processes

In the previous article we described the Conventional Struggles in Operational Problem Solving Processes. In this article we’ll describe Johari’s Impact on Operational Problem Solving Processes.

Operational Knowhow Workflow

Johari’s Operational Knowhow Workflow streamlines employee knowhow to enable a clear pathway for efficient solution generation.  It enables to address problems, challenges, and questions from the daily business of employees in real time. Depending on the preconfigured workflow, responsible managers are automatically assigned which creates the necessary responsibility and transparency to ensure that important topics do not get lost. These can then easily be positioned and driven with groups of suitable internal subject matter experts across locations and silos.

Smart Asynchronous Meetings

Smart asynchronous Meetings enable efficient and result-oriented collaboration, regardless of the number of experts, locations, silos, languages and time availabilities. – How?

Internal experts are busy. Therefore, inquiries need to happen on their terms, next to their daily business. They need to be empowered to manage their time and contributions by themselves, yet still be able to synergize freely. Whenever they have 5 minutes in their daily business, they can hop into the Johari meeting through the dedicated link on top of their calendar. By that thoughtful as opposed to on-the-spot answers can be collected. Synergies across functional and locational barriers can further be enhanced through such freedom of contributions and real time translation. Focus is achieved through automatic structuring and prioritization of dynamically changing thought strands directly within the meetings.


As there is no time and energy to conscientiously document, internal databases are usually more dead than alive. Therefore, documentation needs to be an automized byproduct of a living workflow. Within Johari’s workflow it analyzes, prioritizes, and visualizes results in automatically generated final meeting reports. These are a steppingstone for further progress which then can be led in a structured way within Johari.

Knowhow Network AI

Johari automatically builds an overarching network of internal experts and historical lessons learned. The Johari Knowledge AI assigns suitable Lessons Learned automatically to all newly upcoming topics across areas, silos, and language barriers. This saves up redundant efforts and gives a head start on new challenges. The Johari Expert AI identifies and engages internal subject matter experts intelligently for all newly upcoming topics. By that, relevant experts and those that can offer perspective and drive a topic at hand are targeted and engaged.

Johari’s Impact on Operational Problem Solving Processes

With Johari streamlining the process, a company’s operational problem solving efficiency can be improved drastically by making the most effective use of their own pool of internal knowhow. Explore our Use Cases to further understand Johari’s impact on operational problem solving processes.