The Johari Software

Operational Knowhow Workflow

Johari guides your employees through a structured workflow to find the knowhow they need whenever new issues arise.

Johari Knowledge AI

Automatically match all new problems, challenges and questions from the daily business of your employees with suitable Lessons Learned and documented information.

Johari Knowledge AI
Expert Profile Johari

Johari Expert AI

Intelligently identify and engange the right internal subject matter experts for specific issues.

Your Legacy Data can build the expert profiles' foundation. Thereafter each expert profile will change dynamically by the experts' behavior within Johari over time.

Smart Asynchronous Meetings​

Enable efficient and result-oriented collaboration, regardless of locations, silos, languages and time. The results are analyzed, prioritized and documented in automatically generated final reports.

Depending on the issue's complexity a specific structured workflow is started.

Smart Asynchronous Meetings

Implement a proactive sharing of knowledge

Get every employee on the same page in real time and save up redundant efforts.

Johari understands what approved information is of value for each specific employee. All employees are proactively notified on individually relevant newly generated or documeted information within Johari‘s Knowledge Network.

Legacy Data

Johari refurbishes your Legacy Data for you to make sense even of your submerged yet valuable Knowhow.

Many connectivities to your internal systems can automatically set up intelligent Lessons Learned reports and Expert Profiles.

Legacy Data Upload Johari

Improve your Performance and understand open Weak Spots

Continuously track Johari's impact on your business:

Issues solved/open over time
Lessons Learned and Experts connected
Time to solution
Quality of solution

Incidentally receive an automatic Weak Spot analysis on your most pressing Knowhow deficiencies.

Our Customer Success Managers are happy to guide you through our Johari software and the use cases that suit your cause the best.