The Johari Software

Operational Knowhow Workflow

Use employee impulses in a targeted manner

Collect problems, challenges and feedback in the daily business of your employees in real time (Bottom Up)

Position and develop topics with groups of internal subject matter experts across locations and silos (Top Down)

Build an automated network of internal experts and historical lessons learned

Johari Knowledge Algorithm: Assigns suitable Lessons Learned automatically to all newly upcoming topics across areas and language barriers

Johari Expert Algorithm: Identifies and engages internal subject matter experts intelligently for all newly upcoming topics

Die Vision in die Praxis umsetzen
Johari Software

Smart Asynchronous Meetings

Efficient and result-oriented collaboration, regardless of the number of experts, locations, silos, languages and time availabilities.

Analyze, prioritize and document results in automatically generated final reports.

Operational Knowhow Workflow

Johari Knowhow Workflow

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