A Vision for a better Future

A Vision for a better Future

We believe in Human Intelligence. The power of that what resides in the minds of every single employee and their joint forces, as well as the situation-specific power of linked knowhow which has already been gained by their synergies. Due to a lack of overview in organizations this is currently however not identified or processed in an efficient way. (read the previous article)

What if employee knowhow could be readily available, whenever one requires it?

If the internal pool of Human Intelligence in organizations is fully tapped into, performance brakes will be released, and great potential can be unleashed.

Illuminated blindspots

This vision includes that preexisting blindspots are illuminated in time. Not only important bottom-up impulses like problems, feedback, and ideas of employees active directly at the daily events will be identified. This also includes automatically illuminating experts and historical knowledge. Top-down those will instantly be brought together for the resolving of new topics.  

Win results rapidly

No more need for clearing availabilities for setting up far in the future meetings. Directly and independent of time and area efficient collaboration will take place. Employees dynamically manage their time based on their level of expertise and value to contribute. Focus and overview on common goals will be established while time spent in meetings will drastically be reduced. Redundant Meetings will not take place.

Manager will be empowered to purposefully involve internal experts across functions and locations. In an agile manner, those employees inside the organization are included which specifically bring value to the topic at hand. In such a workflow you will rapidly work out focus points, gain overview and win results in a structured way.

Expert and Knowhow Networks

An internal network of experts and documented knowhow will be established to instantly get the right stakeholders and knowhow at the table for ones fresh causes. Also automatically documented lessons learned in which one was uninvolved will be intelligently recommended based on ones field of interest. Through this breaking of silos, the organization will instantly profit from valuable knowhow gains in other areas.

A multitude of self-standing and inefficient activities will be combined into one entire operational knowhow workflow. This will create synergies from formerly isolated activities, but also from an organizations’ own human intelligence. In the previous article we have questioned the unfavorable status quo in organizations. In the next article we will elaborate on what needs to be done to put the just described desirable vision into practice.