How to break Silos

How to break Silos

How to break Silos? Here are 5 quick Impulses on how to break Silos in organizations:

1. Unified Vision

Firstly, depict the bigger picture and keep it top of mind. This helps to give context to individual group goals in light of the bigger picture. Due to the consequent understanding and relevance this fosters a supporting behavior between groups and gradually increase reciprocity.

2. Wide Span of Accountability

Set shared goals, shared responsibilities and shared rewards. Also make sure to celebrate successes together.

3. Process Orientation

Mix expert groups and diversify solution finding. Therefore, establish a process orientation, by focusing on shared solving of challenges at hand.

4. Role Model

Be the change that you want to see in the company and foster action. Thus, set the stage for 1. to 3. and encourage and reward intended behavior.

5. Make it effortless

Reduce hurdles of operational knowhow workflows, such as the hardships of finding subject matter experts or getting appointments across hierarchical and timely boundaries.

Allow synergies to thrive efficiently by introducing Smart Asynchroneous Meetings. Moreover, build a lessons learned network that automatically recommends you matching internal knowhow to your current issue. Also, build an expert network and use it to automatically get suitable internal experts recommended and engaged.

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