A Gamechanger in Knowhow Management

A Gamechanger in Knowhow Management

Disrupting conventional Knowledge Management, Collaboration and Problem Solving

  • Knowledge databases are more dead than alive. No one has time or energy to manually take care or search within them. Knowledge stays hidden in System Silos.
  • Collaboration tools lack structure and overview and block too much time.
  • Problem solving is a tedious process with lots of redundant groundwork efforts and time wasted finding internal knowhow and engaging the right experts.

What’s the major issue? All of these have been viewed separately, to the downside of your operational problem-solving processes. Yet there is room for disruption and making synergies of all three. A Gamechanger is needed!

The Gamechanger

Collaborate in Smart Asynchronous Meetings for structure overview and time to include thought out expertise spanning locations, languages and even time zones. Automatically get reports with the derived lessons learned. Build experts profiles on the fly. Intelligently link both as well as suitable legacy data to newly upcoming issues in daily business.

It’s as simple as that! A real Gamechanger! Use the Johari Workflow and AI to streamline your internal knowhow.