Expert Network

Expert Network

Johari offers a software to manage your internal experts. It automatically builds an internal expert network spanning locations, languages, and silos. The knowhow required to solve difficult issues and challenges is hidden within the organization. The Expert Network of Johari answers questions such as: What expertise do I need? Who has the knowhow? Where do I find it? Johari also lets you effortlessly find the right internal experts and involve them. Then you can efficiently bring these issues to solutions within Johari’s Operational Knowhow Workflow.

Often times time is of the essence. Whenever critical issues arise, managers need to act fast. They need to deeply understand the issue, clarify, know who the right stakeholders are. Then they need to contact them, coordinate, and set up an initial meeting where everyone has time and get them on board the solution process. This process spans across weeks. This however takes a lot of time through conventional methods. This time costs money, redundantly.

Within Johari’s operational knowhow workflow you can gather issues, feedback and challenges in the daily business of your employees. Synergies across silos foster and automatically assign historical lessons learned and internal experts. So you can bring all experts together asynchronously within a collaborative environment. This happens independently of their location, time zone, language and availability. This is where the teams does a purpose-driven idea and solution finding. Johari automatically prioritized and documents as well as saves the Expert profiles that aid as go to persons for similar issues in the future.

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