internal Knowhow.

Johari makes your Engineering Knowhow available
when and where needed!

Solve your engineering challenges faster and better

Across Locations and Silos!

Streamline internal Knowhow

Make the most of your internal Knowledge.

Lessons Learned

Make the most of your internal Data.

Profit from
existing Knowledge

Johari automatically matches upcoming issues, questions and challenges with suitable lessons learned, project reports and useful documented information across internal systems, silos and language barriers. Save up redundant efforts!

Implement a proactive
Knowledge Sharing

Johari knows what is of value for each employee. They are then proactively notified on relevant newly generated or documented information within Johari‘s Knowledge Network. Prevent future issues from arising!


Make the most of your internal Expertise.

Spot the right
internal Experts

Johari understands who knows what and intelligently assigns the right internal subject matter experts to new issues, questions and challenges. Make all needed expertise available immediately!

Engage specific
Subject Matter Experts

Johari enables to instantly involve your experts into a purpose-driven idea and solution finding, independent of location, language and availability. Bring more efficiency into your engineers' solution workflows!

Make the most even of your submerged Knowhow

Johari refurbishes your internal Data across Systems using AI to build an automized Knowhow Network

Knowhow Network to Streamline internal Knowhow

With ease, connect and instantly utilize knowhow
from all those systems and databases your employees are working with on a daily basis.

Data Explixit Knowledge, documented info, Leassons Learned, Best Practices, Root Cause Analyses, Project Records, Files, Guidelines, … Expertise Tacit knowledge, experiences, competences, …

In decentralized organizations, know-how is usually widely dispersed across locations, systems and silos. The difficulties of know-how utilization is known to cause …

While chasing newest trends, there is one thing one should not neglect. Issues and challenges remain, and humans need to solve them. …