5 Impulses for efficient Meetings

5 Impulses for efficient Meetings

Meetings can be waste of time but also a beautiful example of synergies at play. Here are 5 quick impulses for efficient meetings:

1. Have a clear purpose

What is the reason for the meeting?
Communicate clearly what the challenge is and what you expect from your team.

2. Make sure the right people are on board

Have those experts at the table that have value to add.
Don’t waste the time of others and distract them from their daily tasks.

3. Give participats time to prepare

Focus on informed participants and thought out contributions.
This requires time. Thus, give participants time to prepare.

4. Finish with a conclusion

What have you achieved together? What is the consensus? This is the basis for further steps. Action needs to follow words. But words need to be documented unmistakably for all, so action is clear.

5. Don’t duplicate the work

Past or current knowhow from other areas might save your team lots of redundant efforts. Make sure lessons learned are documented and readily available.

Johari’s Operational Knowhow Workflow is specifically designed to:

  • Allow less and more effective and efficient Meetings
  • Streamline employee knowhow to enable structure and oversight
  • Targetedly include the right selection of subject matter experts
  • Enable Smart Asynchronous Meetings
  • Filter out results, have all on the same page and foster action
  • Document and connect lessons learned across locations and silos