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Streamlining internal Knowhow

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Why Johari? Our name is based on a model that deals with blind spots caused by different perspectives of employees.

Johari’s goal is to uncover knowhow blind spots in companies by recognizing important employee knowhow, detecting suitable lessons learned and understanding who are the right internal experts across locations, silos and availabilities.


Johari is a software solution powered by artificial intelligence that empower a company’s own human intelligence.

All the knowledge needed to solve complex problems and challenges is already available within the company. Johari gives answers to the questions: What expertise do I need? Who knows what? Has anything similar already been worked on? How do I efficiently get the right people involved?

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Johari Intelligence

How does Johari work?

Johari connects to your key systems and data sources. Extensive analysis builds a knowhow network of documented information and internal subject matter experts. These can be efficiently integrated as part of configurable problem-solving workflows.

This increases the speed and quality of problem solving significantly.

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