Streamline employee knowhow.

Johari makes Knowhow available when and where needed!

Automatically connect Lessons Learned and Internal Experts

even across locations, silos and time!

Recognize and make targeted use of employee impulses

Johari uncovers blindspots in the daily business of your employees, such as problems, feedback and challenges. Solvable with structure and ease. Streamline employee knowhow!

Profit from historical lessons learned

Johari automatically matches suitable lessons learned with newly upcoming topics across areas, silos and languages barriers. Make sure everyone is on the same page and save up redundant efforts!

Spot the right internal experts

Johari understands who knows what and intelligently assigns the right internal experts to new topics. Make all needed expertise available immediately!

Engage expert teams

Johari opens the opportunity to instantly involve your experts into a purpose-driven idea and solution finding, independent of location, time zone and availability. Bring more efficiency into your operational knowhow workflows!


Streamline Employee Knowhow

Blindspot 1

of knowledge is inaccessible in times of need


of solution attempts are of similar nature every year


are wasted on finding solutions on each complex matter


of all solutions turn out to be insufficient


productivity loss per 100 employees every month


Make Sense even of the Knowhow you've already created

Intelligent setup with the Johari Legacy Data Import

Legacy Data Import Johari

Johari can refurbish your Legacy Data and integrate it into your Johari Workflow

Streamline Employee Knowhow.

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